Creative Artist inspired by cute, macabre and challenging arts. Educated in various creative fields; Animation, Film, Painting, Drawing and more. My passion lies within illustration, to tell stories and convey atmosphere and feelings through drawings and/or animation. I try to visualize biomechanical architecture, landscapes and organisms.

I mostly work with Pen & Paper and in Photoshop. I have experience with different Illustration jobs for Newspapers and Magazines and I am looking for work, involving other mediums as well. Feel free to contact me!

Utdannet innen Animasjon, film, tegning, maling og andre kreative fag. Min største interesse er innen illustrasjon, å fortelle historier og formidle forskjellige stemninger gjennom tegning og animasjon. Har tidligere illustrert for diverse aviser og magasiner, men ønsker også oppdrag innen bøker og andre medium. Kontakt meg gjerne!

Frode Munkahugen
(+47) 988 388 28